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Aluminium Foil Lid (Embossed Lidding Film for Sealing Juice Cup, Custom Printed Die Cut Lid)

A busy parent and a curious toddler mean frequent messes around the house--some of which are unavoidable, some of which can be easily dodged by using our embossed aluminium foil lids for juice boxes as part of your packaging.

Our recyclable and food grade aluminum packaging film tightly seals all kinds of juice and keeps the product fresh for a long shelf life. Our printing options give us a wide range of colors to use, and we can work with you to create a design or use a design you already have. The embossed lidding film for sealing juice cup can be made to peel easily from the corner or to insert a straw, keeping the whole family happy.

Specifications of Aluminium Foil Lid
1. Diameter of lid: 75.3mm / 88mm
2. Raw material: Aluminum foil (8011-O)
3. Thickness of aluminum foil: 38 micron
4. Material structure: Aluminum foil + PP universal lacquer
5. Application: Sealing PP, PS, PET, PVC, and PE plastic cups
6. Color printing: Vivid color options
7. Export: Our embossed aluminum foil sealing film has been exported to Brazil.

Company Advantage

Our mission is to be an innovative and customer-oriented supplier of embossed aluminium foils and aluminium foil rolls, leading the market on designing packaging solutions and developing long-term relationships with our customers. As such, our sales staff will work with you one-on-one to provide customized aluminum foil packaging for everything from juice boxes to ice cream cups and instant noodle soup.

We are always expanding the industries we work within. Our talented research and development team has launched new aluminum foil products every year, which are now used in food, cosmetic, and airline industries to package yogurt, cheese, and face creams. Quality products begin with the technical expertise of our staff, who track and monitor each order so we save your time and energy and help reduce your own production costs.

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