Jiangyin Aluminum Foil Packaging East Asia Co., Ltd.

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No. 28 Jiangong Road, Changjing Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, China

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1. Q: Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
A: We are a professional manufacturer specializing in aluminum foil lids and rolls.

2. Q: Do your aluminum foils meet food packaging standards?
A: Yes, all of our raw materials pass the SGS test and are food grade.

3. Q: What is your production capacity?
A: We currently make 350 million aluminum foil lids every year for bulk purchases. With high quality printing equipment and die-cutting, embossing, and lid punching machines, we are always expanding our output.

4. Q: What are the available diameters of aluminum foil lids?
A: See the chart below:

Diameters of Small Size Diameters of Medium Size Diameters of Large Size Diameters of Extra Large Size
35.5mm, 37mm 65mm, 66mm 76mm, 77.5mm 94mm, 95.3mm
39mm, 50mm 68mm, 69mm 78mm, 79mm 98mm, 99mm
51mm, 51.7mm 70mm, 72mm 81mm, 88mm 101mm
56mm, 61.5mm 74.5mm, 75.3mm 89mm, 91mm 133mm

5. Q: How thick is your aluminum foil?
A: Our aluminum foil is generally 36 micron-38 micron, i.e. 0.036mm-0.038mm. For larger orders, we can customize the thickness of the aluminum foil.

6. Q: What materials are your products made of?
A: Our aluminum foils are available in the following materials:
1) Primer + Aluminum Foil + PP lacquer, which seals PP, PS, PET, PVC, and PE plastic cups and containers
2) Primer + Aluminum Foil + PP film laminated (easy-to-peel off / hard-to-peel off), which only seals PP plastic cups and containers
3) Primer + Aluminum Foil + PS lacquer, which seals PS and PET plastic cups and containers
4) Primer + Aluminum Foil + PE film laminated (easy-to-peel off / hard-to-peel off), which only seals PE plastic cups and containers

7. Q: What is the temperature range of sealing?
A: The temperature range is 210℃-220℃ (3kg per second), 190℃ -200℃ (4kg per second) and 180℃ -190℃ (5kg per second).

8. Q: How many colors can you print? Do I need to pay the cost of a plate each time?
A: We print 6-8 colors and your files in an AI, PSD, EPS, PF format are needed for making the plate. If you do not need any revisions, you can pay a one-time cost for the plate when your order is placed.

9. Q: Do you have stock for sale?
A: We only keep bulk samples instead of mass inventory for sale because our orders are largely customized aluminum foil products, with specific sizes, prints, and materials for different customers.

10. Q: Is there a minimum amount of products I have to order?
A: The minimum amount is 500,000 pieces of aluminum foil lids. If your order contains multiple varieties, the minimum amount of each variety is 100,000 pieces.

11. Q: How long is your lead time?
A: Our production cycle is generally 14-21 days as per Qty. If printing, we need 7 extra days to make the plates.

12. Q: How do you package them?
A: We pack 1,000 pieces per box and 18 boxes in a large carton, i.e. there are 18,000 pieces per carton.

13. Q: Do you inspect your finished products?
A: Yes, our professional quality control team carries out a thorough inspection of all our finished products before delivery.

14. Q: How can I pay?
A: We accept payment from T/T, D/P, CAD, L/C and West Union.