Aluminum Foil Lid (Peel Seal Lidding Laminated with Polyethylene Film)

Product Brief

Why bother with the shelf life of your cosmetic after opening it? Our aluminum foil lid will solve your problem! Featuring exquisite design and tight sealing, the peel seal lidding laminated with polyethylene film is the second to none packaging for cosmetics.

Customize your order of PE film laminated aluminum foil lids to adjust the thickness, size, and printing colors. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to determine the best specifications for your order.

1. Product name: Easy-Peel PE Film Laminated Aluminum Foil Lids
2. Diameter of lid: 39mm
3. Thickness of aluminum foil: 0.038mm (38micron)
4. Material structure: Primer + Aluminum foil + PE Film Laminated
5. Color printing: 1-8 Colors
6. Application: Sealing PE cups and containers
7. Type: Both easy and hard-to-peel-off lids are available.

Structure Demonstration

1st Layer: Primer to clean the aluminum foil and make it oxidation-resistant
2nd Layer: 100% Aluminum foil
3rd Layer: PE film laminated to seal the surface. Hard-to-peel off lids are available.

Features of PE Film Laminated Aluminum Foil Lids
Food grade, environmentally-friendly, tight sealing, easy to peel off lid, recyclable, multi-color printing

Parameters of Aluminum Foil Lids

Optional Material Structure 1-Primer +Aluminum foil +PP universal lacquer
2-Primer + Aluminum foil +PS lacquer
3-Primer +Aluminum foil +PP film laminated (easy-to-peel off /hard-to-peel off)
4-Primer +Aluminum foil +PE film laminated (easy-to-peel off /hard-to-peel off)
Temperature 180℃ -220℃
Thickness of Aluminum Foil 33 micron-42 micron. The thicknesses of 36 micron and 38micron are common.
Heat Seal PP/PS/PVC Cups, PET Jars, PE Bottles/Jars
Color Printing 1-8 Colors
Logo You can provide your own drawing in the format of AI/PSD/EPS/PDF/CDR; alternatively, our professional designer can help.
Application Yogurt/Cheese/Ice Cream
Packaging 1,000Pcs/Box, 18 Boxes/CTN, 18,000Pcs /CTN
Treatment Worm Embossing

Available Diameters of Aluminum Foil Lids

Diameters of Small Size Diameters of Medium Size Diameters of Large Size Diameters of Extra Large Size
35.5mm 37mm 65mm 66mm 76mm 77.5mm 94mm 95.3mm
39mm 50mm 68mm 69mm 78mm 79mm 98mm 99mm
51mm 51.7mm 70mm 72mm 81mm 88mm 101mm
56mm 61.5mm 74.5mm 75.3mm 89mm 91mm 133mm